Live Life Laughing: Dr. Who

Tee shirt with a TARDIS that's Tigger on the inside. (Extra credit for the honeypot light on top)

Q. Why did the Dalek apply for a job in pest control?
A. He liked the job description: “Exterminate! Exterminate!”

Nice to know the BBC has someone up to the task to step in whenever Matt Smith hands in his sonic screwdriver, bow tie, and fez. Especially the fez, because fezzes are cool.    One thing's for sure...Lucy will NOT be a companion.  Woodstock, definitely, but not Lucy.  No one wants a fussbudget on The Tardis.

Q. What happens when the Doctor goes back in time and see himself.
A. It’s a pair-o-docs.

He would too, but taking to the point that they do resemble salt and pepper shakers, they might get away with SOMETHING- When the Doctor is not around.

Knock, Knock!
Who’s There?
Doctor Who?

If you’re not a Dr. Who fan, these jokes won’t make you laugh. It’s alright. Just shake your head and move on.

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