Our God Reflections: Fellowship

I am never on my own. Nothing can separate me from the love of God (Romans 8:35-39). He asks me to shine His light, which I can’t do on my own, but I don’t have to because the Holy Spirit lives in me.

I am a lone candle, and my reflected light shines brightly in the darkness. But when we add others, think a large candelabra, so much more light pushes back the darkness. My prayer is that the church is like the candelabra, welcoming and loving, inviting others to join us in a circle dance of love.

light sources: tinies together

I reflect only an iota of light
because I am tiny.

Oh, how much light could be spread
if I was just one
of many miniscule lights
shining together.

Wait. I am…

…one of many
who contain the Holy Spirit fire.

God planned it that way.

Let’s light up the world.

by Kathleen Evenhouse, January 2014

Just me (in the Holy Spirit) shining the light; I join others in spreading the Gospel; and God’s love explodes from the Church

Many hands make LIGHT work (intentional double meaning).

One of my greatest blessings is sharing faith in God with my husband.

“Share the Light of Jesus” by Bernadette Farrell
I love how more voices and instruments are added throughout the song. The song grows.
“My King is Known by His Love” The Clark Family.
Our King is made known by the way we—His family—reflect His light.

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