Keep God Front & Center in Every Frame

In this age of selfies, our faces are part of almost every picture we take–whether at home or in Rome; sitting alone or on the phone; even at a game we’re in the frame.

Our faces are front and center in our podcasts as we talk from the front seat of a car or while walking through the neighborhood.

We view the world with ourselves in the middle. Our backs are to The Light, and in front of us is a great big shadow, so we are afraid, and our thoughts, words, and actions reflect this.

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What are you looking at today? Identify your unbelief, contrast it with God’s truth, and choose faith. And if faith feels out of reach, praising God will give you access to the fire that God has laid inside you.

Our world-focused eyes can be so out of focus that we don’t recognize Jesus when he’s right next to us. That’s what Jesus’ disciples discovered when a storm hit as they sailed across a lake (Matthew 14). A storm threatened to swamp their boat, and these experienced sailors were afraid. When they saw a man-like figure walking across the heavy waves toward them, they panicked.

Jesus called out, “Do not be afraid; I am here,” but they didn’t recognize his voice. Except Peter, who asked for more proof, “IF it is really you, tell me to come to you.” Jesus told him to come, so–full of faith–Peter jumped out of the boat. However, after a few steps the waves coming at him captured his attention once again, and he sunk. But Jesus held out his hand, and Peter look at him again. Faith restored, he walked on the water holding the hand of the Savior.

What will we do today? Cower in the boat like the other disciples or walk on the water with Jesus after a good soaking?

We are born again, we know His promises, but there are raging waves between us and our faith. And like Peter, we need God’s help to choose to put Him in the center of today’s frame. Jesus’ message is clear: I am here, and IF you’re having trouble, remember that I have given you a weapon that defeats fear and ignites your faith. It’s called praise.

Jesus holds out his hand to us as He did to Peter. “Hear my foice; feel my touch. Don’t be afraid, because when I’m in the picture, you have nothing to fear. And I’m always in the picture.”

The content for this blog is taken from Strike the Match, Light the Fire by Kathleen Evenhouse. It is available for sale at
You can also purchase it or order it at your local book store: ISBN #978-1-7375-955-0-2

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