Bible Doodle: John 14:27

Some of us are in a fight that we didn’t choose, but we are fighting none-the-less. In my case, it’s an illness that I’ll carry with me until I die, but medicine has lots of tools with which I can fight it. That’s a good thing, and I’m taking advantage of it. But do you know what even better? God’s peace.

God is always inside me so that “peace” is a place I can reside. It’s a straight line, and I pass through it like a heart beat on a graph, but it’s always available to me when I turn to look at my Almighty God who works all things together for my good.

Citing my picture sources:

Doing something creative is my favorite! And I love visuals–not only do they help me learn, but they take me places in my mind. I also use them to meditate on scripture or doodle a picture of what I hear from God through scripture.

So, when I need to keep my eyes and hands engaged in order to relax, I color. I use gel pens and colored pencils, sometimes I doodle whatever’s on my mind, and sometimes I find something in a coloring book. My favorite go-to source for this supply is Hobby Lobby as they carry an ever-renewing source of inspirational and scriptural books from a variety of artists and publishers.

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