Bible Doodle: Genesis 12:10-13

10-13 Then a famine came to the land. Abram went down to Egypt to live; it was a hard famine. As he drew near to Egypt, he said to his wife, Sarai, “Look. We both know that you’re a beautiful woman. When the Egyptians see you they’re going to say, ‘Aha! That’s his wife!’ and kill me. But they’ll let you live. Do me a favor: tell them you’re my sister. Because of you, they’ll welcome me and let me live.”
Genesis 12:10-13, The Message

Next time I am paralyzed by fear, when I can’t reach past fear to grasp my faith, I’m going to remember Genesis 12:10-13.

I’m going to face fear by praising God. To praise Him, I have to look at him—God is so much bigger than anything that scares me. And when I praise God, my faith blazes to life, and I can pray—my prayers, His power.

Step aside Fear. I’m looking at God.

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