could this be the help he is providing?

God’s promise in Psalm 46 says:

God is our refuge and strength,
always ready to help in times of trouble.

You tell me, “But I prayed for help. I cried out on my knees and through my tears for help and no help came.”

Could it be true? I know that God always keeps his promises–that is his covenant with his people. We ask for help, and he helps.

I know that in my head, but do I trust God to send help in my heart and my spirit?

The reality is that sometimes I am praying for a return to health and the person dies. Sometimes I am praying for safety, and danger strikes. Sometimes I am praying for good causes, and bad things happen. Has God not sent help?

Instead of railing at God for not sending the help I requested, I need to ask for vision–vision to see the help that he did send. My response might be, “You call that help? That’s not what I was looking for!” His reply could be, “Look again and trust me.”

God sends help–he has promised that, and he always keeps his promises.

“Dear Lord, give me the eyes to see and accept the help that you send me, for you are my refuge and strength.”

Are you struggling to see God’s help?

Listen to these choral versions of Psalm 46 (God is Our Refuge) composed John Ness Beck (this has to be my favorite choral piece).Listen to this musical rendition of his promise over and over, and ask God to show you the help he is sending you right now in your time of trouble. And listen to it when you claim his promise and trust that he has already sent help–it’s right there beside you.

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