Stop the manipulation. Give us information.

Treat us—your public—as if we have brains, because we do.

Politicians, pollsters, and news media—LISTEN CAREFULLY! Do you really believe that we are too apathetic or ignorant to tell the difference between rhetoric and empty promises and substantive platforms backed by knowledge and ingenuity?

QM8SLOCJ8MSunday I spent over 10 minutes on the phone answering political survey questions. First they were general ones about who stood out in the crowd, but when they switched to questions about one particular candidate, it was impossible to choose an answer from the options I was given. I told the pollster that giving me a blanket, over-the-edge statement and asking me if this would make me more or less likely to vote for someone is surreal.  These provocative statements are similar to the ones news reporters report over and over—blatant politicizing with no substance.

The candidate the pollster focused on is one I believe is capable, wise, and has the experience to do the job, Sadly, being asked to respond to the outrageous claims as they were presented made me wonder if we were talking about the same person I had been investigating. Were the pollster’s questions written this way deliberately?

My promise to myself, my community, and my country to listen, learn, discern, and vote intelligently is something I am holding myself to—it’s important. But it’s not easy when what is reported on is the posturing, the slips from politically correct speech, the manipulation, and the hype. Give me substance. Give me more depth. Have conversations with candidates that don’t involve trying to push their buttons but actually explore the nuts and bolts of a particular issue or two.

Do not try to manipulate me with hyperbole and emotional appeals. Give the candidates time to talk on a subject long enough so that we can understand their thought process, their experience, their plans, and whether or not they do their homework. I promise to listen to these, to make choices based on the actual platforms of the candidates rather than the distortion that is presented to us minute by minute, day by day.

I want to be an informed voter. Help me, don’t hinder me.

Just saying…


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