Tony Hale on NPR’s Fresh Air

televisionI haven’t watched any of the shows that Tony Hale is in but after listening to his interview of NPR’s Fresh Air, I think I’ll check “Veep” out just to see him as an actor.

‘There’s A Reason Why I Play Anxious Characters,’ Says ‘Veep’ Actor Tony Hale

In the second half of the interview, his answers to Terry Gross’ questions weave his personal beliefs as a Christian into his profession. This man is a life-long Christian who is very articulate about what is important in life.

It’s 37 minutes long, and the questions about him personally are in the second half of the interview. Some examples are below:

On fame: “People look on it as the ultimate of being known. In reality, if you’re known by the people you love, that all you need. Fame is actually the opposite.”

On faith: “It’s everything to me…I’ve asked a lot of questions, “What does this mean?”… To know that a loving God is walking through with me is very comforting to me.”

On living in the moment: “I’d given so much weight to being on a sitcom, and when I was on “Arrested Development, I found it didn’t satisfy me…”

On prayer: “Being still with God, I don’t do that enough. When I do do it, I always walk away asking myself why I don’t do it more…I’ve been giving a lot of weight to things that just don’t matter.”

On anxiety: “Anxiety is a silent prison that we put ourselves in.”





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