Are you a top-heavy tree?

DUF4FAWKPDI used to have a tree that gave me fits. It was attractive, deep green, and nicely shaped with fragrant blossoms. Unfortunately, it had a bad habit. Whenever a strong wind blew, the tree leaned way over.

Its problem? It had weak roots. That top-heavy tree taught me a lesson: Strong roots stabilize growth.

If that’s true of trees, it’s certainly true of Christians. Roots support us against strong winds. That’s why Jesus said what He did about the plant that withered. It had a root problem (Mark 4:6). And remember Paul’s exhortation in Colossians 2:7? “Let your roots go down into him . . . . Then your faith will grow strong.” Strong roots stabilize growth.

The opposite is also true: weak roots threaten growth.

Chuck Swindoll told this story in a devotional book I’ve been reading. I read it again today in a fund-raising campaign for Insight for Living, a ministry that helps people in 195 countries put down roots in the soil of the gospel.

Question of the Day:

What kind of soil are you putting down roots in?


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