Epiphany: Earthquake to Rebuild

Epiphany: an insight that points to a needed change of direction.
This definition doesn’t come from a dictionary, but from my experience.

Roads of the World 331Often the prequel to the epiphany is painful and confusing. I think it’s a little like an earthquake in which God tears down walls you weren’t willing or able to deconstruct yourselves. That was true for Paul and Peter, and in the last few months it’s been true for me as well.

After the epiphany experience, your work is not over. It’s not easy to resist picking up those scattered bricks and putting them back the way they were. Instead, you need to ask God for the blueprint He intends for His Holy Spirit to live in–which is you and me.

Graham Cooke’s blog inspired me today to put a name to a humiliating, sorrow-filled event I experienced during this summer. It was not fun, but it was a focus-changer in my life which gave me a new direction when I didn’t realize I need a course change.

Thank you, God, for sending an earthquake into my life and your blueprint for the rebuild.


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