Kathie’s Roman Digs (Week 10-Romans 2:17-29)

Can people tell what you believe about God from the way you live your life?

Do those that watch you wonder what it is that makes you different from the world?

These were the kinds of questions Paul asked the Roman Christians in this letter? Not one to skirt around a touchy subject, Paul jumps right to the heart of the matter.

Here’s my information chart for Romans 2:17-29.

RELATIONSHIP WITH GODneeds more than mere knowledge about another (17-18)It takes living in close communion with Holy Spirit to be a guide for blind & light in darkness
PRIDEsmugness in knowledge, social position, or birthright is false & dangerous (20-24)Pride is a hindrance to a life of faith (23-24)Even though you boast in the law, you dishonor God, the Lawgiver, when you break it (24)
ACTIONSif your actions don’t reflect your beliefs, it is useless (19-24)your acts of obedience witness to others, reflect His Laws & Love (21-24)obedience, not ceremony or tradition, is what is important (25-27)
HEART TRANSFORMATIONGod knows your heart (Jew) and Christian. This is where change happens. (28-29)The Holy SPirit who lives in you produces the change of heart (29)
LEGALISMIf you know God’s Law in order to bend it to your will, you’ve missed the point of The Law. (17-24)It’s not the knowledge of The Law, but the heart condition that matters. (28-19)
HOLY SPIRITThe Holy Spirit living in you changes your heart (29)the more you listen, respond, and invite His presence to shine, the more your heart-change will be evident
WITNESSYou are a witness of what you believe about God. (17-29)What are you telling other about God by how you live? (17-29)

God’s challenge to me this week was: What really matters? Do you live as though this is true?
If I’m going to profess myself to be a Christian, a “little Christ,” my thoughts, words, and actions need to be a part of the profession of faith. When I sin, I must fall on my knees in confession and ask for forgiveness.  Lord, let your light so fill me that it shines through my skin, my mouth, and my hands.

Bible Doodle: The Holy Spirit’s light needs to shine from me with an invitation to a relationship with God–safe harbor, come on in, this light is for you…

picture by Casey Horner on Unsplash

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