Not the post I intended to write, but…

Sometimes, I go to church, sit in the middle of so many people, and feel like the songs and the words are just for me. But as I talk to others after the service, I find that they felt that they were just for them. I love how the Holy Spirit does that. He speaks to people as they prepare for the service, choose the songs, study the scriptures, and listen for His prompting. And then, as we join in the service, the Holy Spirit is at work in us as we listen and take His words inside us.

This happened again on June 26 (I’ve linked the service below).

Play list from Sunday’s service:

  • Amazing Grace—Set Free
    This song has held a special place for me since 1981, when I sang it to my infant daughter as she was seizing and slipping away. God saved her life. As we sang this song on sSunday, God whispered, “Remember.”
  • Oh, How He Loves me (Crowder)
    I work to participate in water activities despite a lingering fear, and in this song, Crowder talks about drowning in an ocean of grace. My fear and God’s grace go swimmingly well together.
  • It is Well (Through it all)
    This is where I am—at peace. Well, to be honest, if “peace” is a horizontal line, my line is more of a wave, but I touch the horizontal often on my way up and down. (Philippians 4:11)

The message, from Psalms 42 and 43 was about sadness. These psalms are from a group of lament songs. As lament is stated, recognized, God is remembered, and we experience a heart change. This can be a daily, weekly, monthly, and/or yearly experience.

I started writing this at 10:39 this morning. It is now 3 p.m. I’m sitting in “my office,” a neighborhood coffee shop, and have had a person across the table from me since 10:45. People have been taking turns warming up that spot, and their presence has warmed my heart. This is a gift that I have needed, and today has filled my tank to the brim.

However, very little writing has happened. Which brings up another gift: I am retired and set my own timeline to a great extent. So, this is the blog post you are getting. It’s time to go home and start preparing an early supper for the 9 people who live in the house with me (Mondays and Wednesdays are my dinner days). They all have places to be by 6:30. Which brings up another gift: whoever cooks doesn’t have to do dishes. My recliner and coloring book will be waiting for me.

Not the day I thought I would have, and not the blog you would have had either, but it is what it is.

May you have days like this one!

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