Holy, Holy, Holy (4)

While God never changes, our praise habits appear in countless styles, as many as can be found in our traditions, situations, and individual practices. But whatever praise looks like, it has one ting in common–encouraging others to join in.

Think about it. What is your initial resonse to coming into contact with something or someone wonderful? You invite others to notice and join you in your delight:

  • “Did you see that rainbow?”
  • “Isn’t she just the cutest baby you ever saw?”
  • “Mom! Come and look at the moon. It’s huge.”
  • “There’s enough power under this hood for anything you might want to do.”

In his book Reflections on the Psalms, C.S. Lewis makes the argument that praise isn’t complete until we add one final component: “expression.”This is so true, isn’t it? Our spontaneous reaction to totally awe, enjoyment, or excitement is to praise it, out loud, to someone–to share this wonderful revelation with someone else. Lewis goes even further to state that our delight is not complete until it is stated aloud.

So, sing you “Holy, Holy, Holy” praises alone and with others. Say it out loud when you see God;s hand in your life today. Share His wonderful goodness and love with others.

Early in the morning, our songs shall rise to Thee.

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