Bible Dig into Ephesus (Ephesians 2:11-13)

Jews and Gentile worshipping together? In Ephesus, believers came out of both camps, and racial tensions were high. Paul tells them that it is only through Christ, through the Holy Spirit, that they will be able to live together in peace. Read Ephesians 2:11-13. If possible, read out loud. 11-13 But don’t take any of this… Read More

Colossians 2:12-15 Living the resurrection life

Thank you, Lord. Your love, mercy, and sacrifice let me live the resurrection life with you.    Colossians 2:12-15 (New Living Translation) For you were buried with Christ when you were baptized. And with him you were raised to new life because you trusted the mighty power of God, who raised Christ from the dead. You… Read More

Colossians 2:10-12 Username and password

There is absolutely nothing I can do to earn my way into the family of God. Make a list of the best of humanity throughout history. Is there anyone who never did one wrong thing, thought one wrong thought, spoke one word amiss … ? Only Jesus, who loved us so much he became one… Read More