Participate in the Bible Story

Do you want Scripture-reading to come alive in your group? Read it together as Readers’ Theater, each person playing an assigned role. Every reader and listener is actively involved in the story. This method works well with adults and children, for both readers and listeners. You might consider using Readers’ Theater occasionally for family devotions.… Read More

Bible Doodle: Nehemiah 8:2-8

Listening as the word is read may seem old-fashioned in our time of high technology, but the was the learning style of choice and necessity for most ofm an’s history. For us today, I’d like to suggest a new-to-us way of hearing God’s word: dramatic reading and reader’s theater presentations. Kids even think felt boards… Read More

The Bible is full of drama; read it that way.

For a large part of human history, literacy was limited to an elite few. People learned the laws of the land, royal edicts, and important news by gathering together to listen to oral proclamations. In ancient Israel and the early church, oral recitation of the Word of God provided the primary way to be informed… Read More