Reflecting God: Absorbing His Light

Last week we learned about reflection and diffused light. Let’s continue to follow the science, to learn more about light rays and how they work in this world. Our God set up some amazing systems. When light rays hit the surface of a leaf, the green light is reflected. That is what gives the leaf… Read More

Reflecting God: Variety

God designed each of us with the abilities and talents to complete the unique mission into which He has placed us. The Lord goes before each and all of us, giving us the necessary weapons, strength, authority, and power. Through His death and resurrection, our victory has already been assured. SCRIPTURE 12 Forget about self-confidence;… Read More

Reflecting God: Call on Him

This scripture may seem like an unusual one to use on a blog about reflecting God’s light. It talks about a community that wasn’t reflecting God, even though He was telling them, “Call on me. I’m here for you!” Sound familiar? It was inspired by a January 28 devotional post by Scott Elgersma, the pastor… Read More