The world is noisy!

The world is noisy. All day long we get it from every direction:

  • “Look at me!”
  • “Can you believe that nonsense?”
  • “This is the best!”
  • “He’s not one of us.”
  • “Buy now, pay later.”
  • “The sky is falling!”
  • “You deserve the best today.”
  • “Am I my brother’s keeper?”
  • “Whatever makes you feel good …”

Take me away! And I’m not referring to a long soak with lovely oils in a soaker tub lit by fragrant candles while I drink a glass of wine.

Take me away to where I can hear God’s voice, where it’s not drowned out by headlines, neon lights, and amplifying systems announcing human achievements.

Eugene Peterson asks: “But what of God’s works? They are unadvertised but also inescapable, if we simply look. They are everywhere. They are marvelous. But God has no public relations agency … to get out attention. He simply invites us to look.”

And listen. Pray.

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