Know your roots

grassRootsRoots are the underground part of a seed plant body and are the organs of consumption, aeration, and food storage. They also act as a structural anchorage and support the plant.

The spiritual definition of roots is similar: structures that support one’s spiritual outlook on life. The roots nourish the rest of a person’s life and act as structural anchors.

Spiritual roots, and physical roots, absorb either nutrients or toxins from the soil in which they are planted. The soil can be God, others, or the world. Our outlook in life is formed as we grow up, when our roots are developing. It’s when we develop our individual understanding of trust, love, mommy, daddy, right, and wrong …

Our parents’ actions may make it hard to trust or to love, but ultimately we are responsible for our own reactions.

Take a close look at your early years, not to play a blame game—“It’s all dad’s fault”—but to understand where your structure and roots are stopping you from being the person God designed you to be. Remember, we decide how to react (even as children) to the parents who raised and formed us. So the guilt of our reaction belongs to us. We decide. No matter what our parents did, we decide how we are going to act. Because of that we are either blessed or guilty. Read Genesis 3—Adam and Eve had the perfect father, but they chose their response—and it was succumb to the devil’s temptation and sin.

We are guilty, but not condemned. Our guilt is the halfway step to freedom. We are guilty for the judgments we make against our parents. Now, let’s get to forgiveness and freedom.

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