love brings freedom

“You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength, and all your mind. And, Love your neighbor as yourself.” Luke 10:27 (NLT)

?????What does that mean? God is first and foremost in all my life—he is the primary focus of all my love and gives purpose to my life.

But what about the second part?

  • I am to love myself.
  • I am to love others in the same way as I love myself.

What if I love someone else less than I love myself? Then I would consider that person to be less important than I am and would feel free to use him as a “means to an end” for my own benefit. I take away his freedom.

What if I love someone more than I love myself? In that case, I would be giving her the opportunity to use me to further her own agenda or desire, at the expense of my own. I am taking away my own freedom.

In both scenarios love is violated and freedom is lost.

God’s command to love protects not only my own freedom, but everyone else’s as well. No one’s freedom is sacrificed at the expense of another’s.

Love brings freedom.

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