Being a Perfectionist Limits You

Two authors who have really spoken to me through their books are Michael Hyatt and Shauna Niequist, so when I read Michael’s blog this morning recommending Shauna’s new book Present Over Perfection, I wanted to share. 


As a former volleyball coach and now assisting my husband in that field, I have watched  many high school athletes unable to try to modify a skill because it will mean they will have a learning curve.Their need to be perfect is stronger than their desire to grow, so they settle for mediocre when they have the potential for great.

It’s been easier to observe this trait in others than to prune it in myself. I’ve made strides in the “jump in and try it” portion, but am experiencing a lag in the “dealing with the aftermath of failure identity” that still has anchors in my soul. My intellect knows that my identity in God—I am His beloved child—is not dependent on my efforts, successes, or failures, but my heart and soul still take re-convincing at each experience. Traveling the loop from “failure” to “God’s loved one is taking less time,” but I still need to hang on with both hands.

I think Shauna’s book will need to be my next purchase to add to my “read this soon” pile. Won’t you join me?


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