We Need Kinder Standards of Success

I was thoroughly entertained even as I was challenged by these thoughts on success and failure. Alain de Botton is witty as he flies through this presentation. “the opposite of a snob is your mother…” “Don’t judge the guy driving a Ferrari as greedy; he’s really in need of love.” “There is a strong correlation… Read More

Being a Perfectionist Limits You

Two authors who have really spoken to me through their books are Michael Hyatt and Shauna Niequist, so when I read Michael’s blog this morning recommending Shauna’s new book Present Over Perfection, I wanted to share. https://michaelhyatt.com/leaders-avoid-traps.html  As a former volleyball coach and now assisting my husband in that field, I have watched  many high school… Read More

Am I sorry for me or for what I’ve done to another?

Remorse  is when we are only sorry that we failed. Repentance is when we are in pain because we have hurt God or another person—for that person’s sake and for God’s not for ourselves. It focuses attention on the wounded one. If we are hurting for our own sake because we have failed, that is… Read More