Old and New Testament Thinking

Remember the Sunday School song: “Zacchaeus was a wee little man, a wee little man was he. He climbed up in a sycamore tree for the Lord he wanted to see…” What’s the significance of the sycamore tree? A sycamore tree produces figs, but they are such poor quality that they aren’t eaten by people… Read More

The jig’s up

David was tired of going to war as the Lord commanded, so he took a little vacation. Then he saw this woman—WOWSERS! What a woman! They were two consenting adults—where was the harm? Secret lust. Secret sex. But it’s hard to keep pregnancy secret for too long—and this secret was out before they ever got… Read More

No excuses

Read the story of the Lord’s rejection of Saul as king of Israel in 1 Samuel 15. God gave a very specific set of instructions, which Saul listened to, then went ahead and did his own thing. (Sound familiar?) The prophet Samuel was sent by God to confront Saul. Saul told Samuel, “I obeyed the… Read More

Am I sorry for me or for what I’ve done to another?

Remorse  is when we are only sorry that we failed. Repentance is when we are in pain because we have hurt God or another person—for that person’s sake and for God’s not for ourselves. It focuses attention on the wounded one. If we are hurting for our own sake because we have failed, that is… Read More

Mature Conscience

Awakened Christians possess a true working conscience. 1. Remorse. It comes from the flesh, and it doesn’t work before the event to keep you out of trouble, it only makes you feel bad after the fact. It is selfish and self-centered; it never gets to the cross, never gets to freedom. 2. Awakened spirit conscience.… Read More