What’s the big deal about Easter?


Would you be willing to die for me?

Would I be willing to die for you?

Jesus was and did!
That’s what makes this Good Friday.

Does that mean you won’t die a physical death? No, we are human, and we will all die. But what then? Jesus defeated death. That’s where his death and resurrection make a big difference for you.

Want to know more? This is how Graham Cooke explains it in a Letter from God.

“…When I was buried I took your old man with me and when I was raised from the dead I left your old man behind. He cannot ever be resurrected. It is gone, finished, forever. You died in Me, then a new version of you was raised from the dead through My glorious workings…”

Want to read more? Here’s Graham Cooke’s blog titled: Our New Life Began With a Funeral



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