“Life’s not fair; don’t expect it to be.”

“Life’s not fair; don’t expect it to be.” ~Monty Williams

Williams-funeral-flowersMonty Williams, retired NBA player and Assistant Coach of the Oklahoma City Thunder, lost hiswife in a traffic accident in February 2016. Three of his five children were also in the car but survived. The person who caused the accident was inebriated.

Monty had promised himself he wouldn’t cry when he delivered the eulogy for his beloved Ingrid. “It’s a pretty tough time, not just for me but for all of you as well, I’m mindful of that…Everybody’s praying for me and my family, which is right,” Monty said. “But let us not forget that there were two people in this situation. And that family needs prayer as well. That family didn’t wake up wanting to hurt my wife.”

Listen to his eulogy here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXIz14VuQik

It’s one thing for Monty to express that forgiveness (while struggling for hisfeelings to catch up) a week after the bottom fell out of life as he knew it, but how could he live with that. Now, after a lonesome, grief-filled, growth year as a single parent to five children, Monty’s in the news again—an in-depth article in Sports Illustrated by Chris Ballard says Monty is considering returning to coaching. Mr. Ballard quotes Monty Williams extensively as he talks about the faith that sustains him, but writes “He puts on a good face, but talking about what happened, as he does over the course of the next three days [of interview for the article ed.], often pausing for minutes at a time, remains difficult.”

“…My faith in God never wavered. Just, sometimes your faith and your feelings don’t line up,” Monty said. “…I’m not grieving for her, you know. She’s in heaven, she’s with the Lord, she’s like, balling right now. You grieve because you don’t have what you had.”

You can read the article here: https://www.si.com/si-now/video/2017/04/06/lessons-monty-williams

Thanks to my husband for sharing this article with me.
Thanks to Monty WIlliams for sharing your faith in hard times.
Thanks to Chris Ballard and Sports Illustrated for this wonderful story about Monty Williams.

To Sports Illustrated editors: However, we will continue to take the swimsuit edition out of the mailbox and throw it in the trash can.


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