I’ll start eating right after breakfast…pun intended

Photo courtesty of Jessica Weller

I love fall. The cooler weather calls to me, and I head outdoors at this time of the year more than I do at any other time. But his year I’ve heard another siren call as well—”eat everything in sight, winter is coming.” I think somewhere along the line I must have inherited a “bear gene,” because I’m fattening up for the winter.

The scale and I agreed this morning—it’s time to make a concerted effort  to think about what I’m putting in my mouth and how often I’m doing it.

Just when I needed, Carolyn Leaf’s blog, How to Eat: Tip 10, appeared in my inbox.  She has some great ideas, including not to eat in front of a screen. I happen to be downing a breakfast sandwich as I write this blog. Guess I’ll start following her suggestions after breakfast.


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