Move it, baby! Your brain will thank you.


  • Do you feel weak or have a hard time opening that pickle jar?

  • Has your energizer bunny taken an extended vacation?

  • How much caffeine does it take to clear the dust bunnies from your brain?

Do you know the best solution to these complaints is: EXERCISE! But if you’re like me, you have a plethora of excuses:

  • My aging body had some issues, so I don’t play volleyball or racquetball any more—I can’t do the fun things any more. Waah.
  • I’m sick of getting up early to fit in exercise class. I schedule it for evenings, but the only thing that gets exercise then are my fingers on the keyboard stroking the dates and times into the calendar.
  • I walk—once a week for any hour—and I write daily on my computer at a stand-up desk, so I’m good, right?

This video focuses on what our lack of exercise is doing to our brains. Watch it, it’s only a minute long.

It reminded me that I’m cheating not only my body, but my brain by my lack of get up and go. It’s time to step up and change my mindset from lazy to active. It’s  time for me to get over my pity party on aging, my whining about my inability to do my favorite sports, and my comfortable couch potato position every evening.

But mostly, it’s time for me to MOVE IT, BABY! 

Want to join me?



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