If An Angel Appeared to Me

SF Archangel Michael Warrior Michaelmas

Although I wrote this in December of 1995, I am still asking myself the same questions. My answers are not always the same, but the questions are. We will soon celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior.

What questions do you ask yourself?

If an angel appeared to me,
     Not a roly-poly Cupid,
     But a Michael or a Gabriel,
          And told me,

“The living God has been born on earth,
that He has lived and died for me,
that his Father has sent the Holy Spirit to be with me
here on earth until He comes again,”

     Would I laugh like Sarah?
     Ask, “Where’d you get your facts?” like Zechariah?
     Ask, “How?” but obey like Mary and Joseph?
     Run to the nearest stable like the shepherds?

If an angel told me,
     “A Revival will start here, and it will begin with you,”
          Would there need to be vast changes in my life?

If an angel told me,
     “A Revival will start here, and it will begin with you,
     Satan will send his hosts against you
     To hurt, defile, ridicule, persecute, slander, and defeat you,
     But don’t be afraid.
     God has sent the Heavenly Hosts to battle the dragon.”

Would I say,
     “Not me, Lord.
     I’m not the one you need.
     Here’s what I had in mind to do for you.”

Do I need to see you like doubting Thomas
     Or can I hear your Biblical message and listen to your still small voice?

The Gospel of Christ:
     In my mind.
     On my lips.
     In my heart.

~Kathleen Evenhouse, December, 1995~

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