Transforming Regeneration

The fire destroyed everything: houses, barns, fields, and forest.Gone. Dead. Nothingness. There is nothing left to live for; my life is destroyed.Done. Empty. Nothingness. But God sent rains and sunshine into the nothingness left by the fire;the dying returned their nutrients to the ground in the ashes,and, out of the destruction, new growth appears. My… Read More

Kathie’s Ephesus Dig: Ephesians 4:2-6

Once you have accepted the invitation of the Gospel message through Jesus Christ, to mature so that my life is reshaped and transformed. I look up to God, and I look outward to those around me. We spent three chapters talking about our theology—what we believe about God and our relationship with him. Now it’s… Read More

For all visual and spatial learners–Draw the Bible

Do you know your optimal way of learning and integrating information and thoughts into your mind? My preferred method is visual and spatial. When the AHA moment of understanding and linkage comes, my usual response is, “Yes, I can see that.” I am also putting time and effort into the most important relationship I have–with… Read More