AllenIt’s been a month since my last blog entry. It wasn’t a planned break–at least not by me.

It started on the eliptical at the gym. Ten minutes into his exercise session, my husband felt pressure on his heart, but it went away as soon as he stopped. When it happened a second time, he told me about it. We knew he had to visit the doctor, but in our ignorance decided to make a long-awaited trip first. We took it easy–not our usual see-everything, hike-every-trail sort of vacation. But we walked on the beach, saw a whole new part of the country, and enjoyed each other.

We came home relaxed and ready for life as usual. Except it wasn’t. It was tests, more tests, and a quickly-scheduled procedure. And a growing understanding of how much God had been carrying us in his hands. The doctor told him, “I don’t understand how you were exercising and doing all the things you doing with this heart.”

Our thoughts are not his thoughts. Our ways are not his ways. His eye is on the sparrows, and we’re still chirping.

“How are you guys doing?” Can’t tell how many times we have answered this question in the last month–it’s a blessing to be so loved.

When my brother asked me that question just before the procedure, I replied,”We are in God’s hands. I don’t have to know the outcome, but I do need to trust God in this situation as in any other. He’s in control. Nothing can separate us from his love…”

“Good words,” he said. “But how are you really doing?”

We laughed, but then I had to explain. “I’m practicing my scales–except they are mind and faith scales–every day, all day long.  I recite God’s promises, and I declare my faith and trust in God. I still lose it sometimes, but the more I practice trust, the more I believe it.”

See, God had prepared us for this situation. For the last six months we had been immersed in books and videos by Dr. Caroline Leaf, a communication pathologist and international speaker and author. Her message: “The latest neuroscience shows us that God designed our brains to be able to do just what He tells us to do in his word: ‘capture your thoughts and renew your minds.'” We started using her online 21-Day Brain Detox program.

So, an athlete who’s code has been to push through it, listened to the still small voice telling him to pay attention and get help. And after the procedure, the quiet suggestion in the mind to visit a friend in a place where he normally wouldn’t be found on a Saturday morning, and there found him praying with another man who was facing the same procedure.

What’s our attitude going forward?
Is there an ax hanging over our heads. Do we feel it’s shadow and live in fear of it falling or do we feel God’s presence in our lives and bask in each new day?
Do we save the good dishes for “important occasions” or use them every day?
Do we continue to recite God’s promises until they are a part of our thought processes or do we wing it?

I know what I choose.

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