The world is under God’s authority

Have you quit listening to the news because it makes you look at a bleak future in a world full of hate and suffering? And ramping up fear is a way to get more people watching and listening, great for the bottom line of radio and television stations.. If you are tired of fearing what… Read More

What giant are you facing today?

What is stealing your joy and consuming your mental and emotional energy today? Or maybe it’s a big temptation, a hot temper, a conundrum for which you have NO solutions… The Lord is ready when you are. Ask Him to help you shut your Goliath down–today. Bridgewood Church 6201 W. 135th St. ¬†| ¬†Savage, MN… Read More


I have felt filled with the Spirit, but I have never pictured it as a kingly anointing: I pictured kneeling before the heavenly king, and he poured precious oil on my head, laid his hands on my head, and said, “Go into the day infused with my Spirit. Be the person I created you to… Read More