Parental discipline instills power and expertise

We are born with little power or expertise—we depend on those around us for everything. As we grow, we internalize and identify with how things are done, and we develop coping mechanisms based on our experiences. The power a child needs as he grows into adulthood comes from his early identification with authority. Were his… Read More

God of the Impossible

I believe in the God of the impossible–there is nothing He can’t do. Easy words to say, but they have a profound effect on how I go about living this life with all its ups and downs. The question I am asking myself today is: Does how I live reflect that belief? Bridgewood Church 6201… Read More

Be the sheep–give up control!

I have not engaged in witchcraft, but I have tried to manipulate God through my prayers. For many years I tried a variety of prayer formats to get what I wanted–what I had decided I had a right to and God should give to me. I bargained, I promised,  I followed formulas … I wanted… Read More