Bible Doodle: 2 Samuel 7:12

Ebenezer We live in a time where information is broadcasted everywhere, competing to get your attention. We set alarms and reminders about important things we don’t want to miss. This was true in ancient times as well, but they didn’t have smart phones, calendars, books and alarms. They piled stones and built alters. The people… Read More

Ebenezer: a Visual Reminder

Last winter my husband and I took advantage of a great deal—$50 roundtrip airline tickets from Iowa to Florida. We quickly secured a corresponding opening at a St. Augustine resort included in our vacation package. “Thank you, God, for this affordable break just when we needed it.” It was warm. It was beautiful in a way… Read More

Colossians 1:16-17 Ebenezer

God is beyond my understanding. God is beyond anything we can ever hope to comprehend. He IS. And God–our creator–loves us as a family and as individuals in that family. He loves you. He loves me. We have His promise of that love. And in hard times I cling to that promise, look back on… Read More