light sources: waxing and waning


I reflect His light
as the moon does the sun—

waxing and waning
as the days pass.

but the differences
in the light I mirror is not a result
of my light source’s output—

which never wanes or waxes,
but blazes with such bright rays
that I cannot, in my frailty, look at it head-on
but see it unclearly through a darkened lens.

My light source is almighty,
the Creator of all light.

It is my reflective surfaces
that cause His light to wax and wane–
the smoothness of my soul affected by sin
which I allow to impinge on my ability
to reflect His glorious light.

Lord, the source of all light and warmth,
help me to more fully reflect your light
every day,
in every circumstance.

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