light sources: daylight moonshine

Town & Country 756

When the sun is bright in the sky—
too radiant to look at without damaging my eyes—
does the moon still reflect its light?

Surely it does on the other side of the world
where the inky darkness of night
covers the earth with shadow.

But I don’t look for the moon during my daylight hours
to wonder if its shine is waxing or waning
for I am reveling in the rays of the sun.

And so it goes in life.

In easy times—
when life feels under control,
when spinning through activities,
and all needs are met—
do I spend less time seeking God
who is my source of true light
and all my blessings.

Periodically, as night falls,
and I remember where my light comes from,
I fall on my knees and seek again
what I have been taking for granted.

His light is full
of grace and mercy
as he receives this prodigal child
with outstretched arms
and angel songs.

Help me, Lord, whose light never fails to shine.
This little light of mine, I want to let it shine,
even in the daylight.

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