A Caffeine Junky’s Guide to Jitter Juice

You know the feeling: warm coffee slides down your throat; diminishing the pre-caffeine headache that has become a daily adversary. Sweet, precious, amazing relief. It tastes even better. But have you ever wondered what goes into your favorite coffee drink? Whether your choice is a simple black mug of dark roast or a creamy caramel… Read More

Express-o Your Emotions

Guest Blogger: Sarah Posthuma I am a junior at Pella Christian High School, and for the first two weeks in January I will be interning with Kathleen Evenhouse through the school’s Winterim program. Winterim internships provide students with the opportunity to explore different career fields. I am interested in a career in either writing, or psychology. Because… Read More

fellow countrymen, let’s not let freedom slip away!

“After America, there’s no place left to go.” In 2012 Kitty Werthmann told the story of Hitler’s takeover of Austria. It’s surprising and familiar at the same time.  Kitty lived through it in Austria and tells us how insidiously it crept in. Are we living through it in the United States today? Here’s a strong statement… Read More

don’t ignore the European refugee crisis

We are so wrapped up in arguing about the state of immigration in the United States, it’s hard to take on the weight of the crisis in Europe. Hearing about it brings to mind the following questions: Are there commonalities in these situations? Should the urgency and realities of one affect our attitude about the other? Ben Huberman… Read More