That’s not part of my job description!

They don’t pay me to clean the office! Roman law made it legal for a Roman citizen or soldier to force anyone who lived in one of their conquered lands to carry his load—backpack, duffle bag, heavy weapons, whatever—for him for one mile, but only one mile. Have you ever been asked to do–or assigned–a task… Read More

Sow forgiveness…reap forgiveness

Jesus is God, and he became who we are—he became our sin. Because he was both God and man he could accomplish the task that God the Father gave him of being the perfect lamb that was sacrificed to take away the sins of the world. Jesus reached across time and space and identified with… Read More

Defined or fluid?

SYSTEM or TALENT POOL: On January 4 I presented my theory about dividing coaches into these two general camps. SYSTEM coaches believe in a game plan, a system, which will bring success. Players have very specific roles to play and their responsibility is to learn and fulfill those roles. TALENT POOL coaches adapt their systems… Read More