By-the-Bootstraps Emphasis on Individual Transformation

I enjoy NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday. I listen as I’m getting for church, and today I was thrilled to get all the answers right to Will Shorts’ quiz. That doesn’t usually happen. But bragging is not what this blog is all about, so I’d better cut it short. Today’s story about El Salvador’s high murder rate… Read More

our attitude fine-tunes our lives

What comes first: the thought or the action? We sometimes make the excuse, “I wasn’t thinking.” or “I did it before I thought.” In reality, that can’t happen. We may have not had a specific thought like, “I am going to kick the cat.” However, your attitude, your habitual pattern of thoughts, precipitates your action. The… Read More

Daily moving to maturity

You’ve received Christ, and all your sins are covered under the blood of Jesus. Now it’s time to get on with your new life—shape up or ship out! Ouch!  We can’t only address our behavior: Behave right! Look right! Act right! We need more than a surface cleaning–we need transformation. The whole gospel deals with… Read More