Do you know how God designed you?



“What you are after is truth from the inside out. Enter me, then; conceive a new, true life.” (Psalm 51:6, The Message)

A brown-headed cowbird egg will always produce a cowbird, never a song sparrow. It can be a healthy, growing cowbird or a sickly one that is full of disease, but it will always be a cowbird—never a sparrow.

Simple thesis, you might think, but it can be very confusing in the bird world. Brown-headed cowbirds don’t build their own nests to hatch and rear their young, but parasite more than 200 other species of birds by laying an egg in their nests and pushing out one of the hosts’ eggs. And cowbirds tend to hatch earlier than their hosts, to grow faster, and to crowd out or at least to reduce the food intake of the host’s young.

So while a cowbird egg always produces a cowbird, it can be nurtured and reared by a sparrow. As the cowbird encounters life in the sparrow world, will it strive to change its design and become more sparrow-like? If so, what happens to its cowbird design?

We often go through life wishing and trying to be someone else. We are cowbirds trying to be song sparrows. We think we can improve on God’s design by nurturing and feeding sparrow talents, when in reality, a cowbird trying to warble a sparrow’s song will experience life-long frustration for both the cowbird and the sparrows that raised it.

When the Holy Spirit starts pouring more and more into us, we will find out that there is more to our life than we have know before. The Holy Spirit can wake you up in dramatic ways and bring you alive.

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